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Sponge City

In China, a ‘sponge city’ refers to the “sustainable development concept of city including flood control and water conservation “according to the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council.
Ewaters has developed a professional understanding of the above Sponge City concept especially through analysis; planning; modelling; design and implementation of more than ten sustainable solutions for Sponge City construction.
An Ewaters consultant was seconded as an International Storm Water Management Specialist to the Jilin Urban Development Project (JUDP) to advise on best international practice including Low Impact Development, Water Sensitive Design for Baicheng City which is a pilot city for the National Sponge City program. Hence the Asian Development Bank emphasized the need to incorporate the Sponge City features into the Baicheng City stormwater infrastructure to satisfy its Loan provision requirements for the JUDP.